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The Map It and Tag It features are found in almost every type of page on your Chapter Site. These features help show where the event or story is taking place. It is also very helpful to members searching the National site as well as your Chapter Site for activities in your area. Your mapped item or content you create will be found on the National TU Go Fishing map. This helps broaden your reach into the TU community.

Go Fishing Map

TU's Brennan Sang created a quick screencast about using the Go Fishing map. Find the Go Fishing Map screencast under Images + Videos

This is how the buttons for Map It and Tag appear when you are creating content. It is usually found just below the body field when you are editing content.

Map Tag buttons.png

1. Map It

Mapping it is simply scrolling on the map to the location of your event and then clicking once on the map to have a mark placed. You can also move the marker if you placed it in the wrong location. Maybe you want to "accidentally" mis-mark the location of your favorite fishing spot.

2. Tag It

Tagging a page is a way of adding a few descriptions of the event or story that will help members find your content when they search. Simply type in the descriptive terms that would be helpful if you were searching for this page.

Map Tag feature.png