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Please note that we will be making changes to this event feature starting on 3/30/2016 to improve how events crated within the chapter website tool appear on the website.

The Chapter site event page is one of the main reasons members will visit your website. Adding an event is easy to do and helps grow your community. Most visitors will see the Calendar of Events on the home page and will click on View All Events link to see your full list of upcoming events.

View All Events >>

To Create an Event for your Chapter Site, first click on the Add Event link in the Administration Links menu or Create New Event under Upcoming events found in the Calendar of Events page.

Add Event or Create New Event

Add your event information including the Title, Image, and Body fields for the event. It also helps to add tags and map the location so your event to be found in searches on

The following fields add the specific times to your event:

  1. The Show End Date feature which is used to show the end of the event. This is optional.
  2. The time fields which use military time instead of am and pm.
  3. The Timezone Text field allows you to set the timezone of the event.
*Please note that the original Timezone field will be removed after 3/30/2016.

Show End Date & Timezone Box

That's it. Be sure to add events from your chapter and partner organizations to give members and visitors reasons to return to your website.