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It is always a good idea to add photos to your content like blog posts. It helps tell the story and reach your community better than the content alone. You can also add a link to the photo. So when your visitor clicks on the photo, it will take them to the web page you link it to. Here is how to add a text link and an image with a link within the body of your blog post.

When adding a blog post, a helpful hint is to change your view to 'Full HTML' for more editing options. The Text Format is found just below the body.

Full HTML view

Adding a Text Link

To add a link within the body of the content, highlight the words that you would like to link and then click on the Link icon in the header of the body.

Creating a link

Then you will copy and past the URL from the target web page into the box labeled 'URL'. This URL is found in the address bar at the top of your browser.

Adding the URL to your link

Add an Image Link

Another option is to add a link using an image or logo within the body of the content. To start, you need to add the image to the body of the content.

Add an image with the 'Add media' button

Then you will choose, upload and submit your file to appear in the body of the content.

Uploading a file

Finally, you will create a link with the image in the same method as you would for creating a text link.

Create a link with an image

Adding the URL to your link

Here is an example of how this works on the Stonefly Society Chapter site titled Utah Fishing License