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If you have an old User Account ID that starts with tu, as in tu410xxxxxx, you may be asked to change it to create a unique ID that doesn't include your member number.

To access your User Profile

Go to: User Profile > Edit my Profile > User Name + Password

Change User PW Email Window.png

Here is how to change a Username

Change Your Username window

First, enter a new user name. Don't use any spaces in the username. A simple username is first initial and last name (ex: FLast), you are welcome to create whatever makes you happy. Then click on Check availability.

  • If you get a green check, then it is available for you to use.
  • If you get a red "x", then it is not available.

Second, select Update Username and you User Account will be updated with your new Username.

Remember, you can log in with either your Username or your email.

Need a new Password?

If you forgot your password, then go here on the website to [request a new password].

If you would like instructions about changing your password then check out this wiki page on [Changing your Password].