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Here are some of the terms used in TU Chapter Sites discussions.

One of two content types that are enabled in the standard installation profile. Articles are used for time-sensitive content like news, press releases or blog posts. This content type is called "Article" in Drupal 7 and later, and "Story" in earlier versions of Drupal.
chapter/council site 
This is a subdomain or microsite of the site. This is a fully hosted website that are maintained by chapters and councils through their site administrators.
chapter site administrator 
One of the rolls held by the chapter volunteer leadership.
chapter site content editor 
One of the rolls held by the chapter volunteer leadership.
The text, images, and other information on a web site.
content editor 
A software application that allows you to transfer content without
A collection of users that create and manage their own special interests. Each group can have subscribers, and maintains a group home page where subscribers communicate amongst themselves. Each Chapter will have a group page within and the option of maintaining a Chapter site page.
In Drupal, a tool for controlling access to content creation, modification and site administration at the application level. Administrators assign permissions to roles, then assign roles to users.
Sets of permissions that can be applied to individual users. Users can belong to more than one role. Two roles, authenticated users (those users that sign up for an account) and anonymous users (those either without an account or not logged in), are supplied by default with Drupal installations. Drupal allows creating additional.
An abbreviated description of what the post is about. This makes it easy to group similar posts and makes it easier for people to find content by subject or keyword.
A file or collection of files (PHP, INFO, CSS, JPG, GIF, PNG), which together determine the look and feel of a site. A theme contains elements such as the header, icons, block layout, etc. Drupal modules define themeable functions which can be overridden by the theme file. There are additional themes available in the themes section of downloads.
User Profile 
This is the User Account for individual members.
What You See Is What You Get. An acronym used in computing to describe a method in which content is edited and formatted by interacting with an interface that closely resembles the final product.
chapter site tools webinar 
An online training seminar. The Webinar provides the Chapter Site managers an orientation and information on adding content. These seminars are offered several times per week and are darn fun to be a part of.