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This is a collection fishing culture topics to discuss in blogs. Remember to write with the TU mission statement in mind. Key words like conserve, protect, and restore help to build domain or website ontology.

Music for Fly Fishing

Robert Earl Keen's - Five Pound Bass. A great story too.

Jazz & Fly Fishing offers music and videos on their website.

Reel Grease is a collection of music by Justin Camp that is the ultimate mix tape of before and after time on the river.


TU Podcasts on itunes with Chris Wood TU President and CEO

Bellevue/Issaquah Chapter 109 on-demand episodes on Blog Talk Radio

Food for Fly Fishing

Pan bagnet for a day of fishing by James Babb in his book River Music

Here is a pan bagnet from Melissa Clark of the NY Times.

I was thinking of making a Jimmy John's sandwich into a pan bagnat.

Fly Fishing Literature

River Music: A Fly Fisher's Four Seasons by James R. Babb