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There are two access points for the Leaders Only Tools in the TU.org website. Be sure to Log In to your User Account before you start.

The primary navigation is through the My TU button. Simply hover over My TU to see the dropdown menu

TU Leaders Only Section Tools

To update chapter leaders, click on the Update Chapter Leaders link

Please note that only the leaders with the position of President, Vice President, or the Council Chair or staff can make changes to the leaders. If you don't currently have that position, ask your current leaders to make the changes. The changes made in LOS will update the tu.org user accounts on the next twice-weekly sync.

LOS - Update Chapter Leaders link

Then choose which role the new leader will have.

LOS role permissions

The rest of the procedure is a simple list to grant permission to the new chapter leader. You will search for the member by name or member ID number and then save by choosing Add New Leader.

Be sure to read the role definition to ensure the leader you are assigning has the access they will need.