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Here are a few of the common issues we see with TU volunteer leaders when logging in, downloading documents, and receiving email.

Common login issues

The password autofill application or feature on your computer's browser may be filling in an old password. When you change your password you need to update the autofill application. Here is some help on updating your autofill passwords.

If you receive a warning message about duplicate accounts, it could be because there are two memberships using the same email address. Most email providers allow for multiple email address. However, creating an email alias for a family member may be helpful since security settings on TU.org now require unique email addresses for each user account. Here is some information on aliases by email providers.

Please contact your email provider for more instructions on how to create an email alias for your account.

Common download and browser issues

If you are experiencing a Downloading Files problem, check the help pages from these browsers.

Security and privacy settings can be another issue for downloading files and receiving email. This can also be referred to as pop-up blocker when you have a message that flashes at the top of your screen. Here are some pages to help with these settings.

Updating internet browsers is important when viewing webpages. Even though Windows or IOS updates, your browsers may not get updated.

Sometimes in Windows, you can fix site display problems with Compatibility View settings

Common bulk email issues

Spam and junk email settings in both your browser and email settings can create challenges when looking for email from TU National and from the bulk email tools used by Chapters and Councils.

One other tip that may help with issues regarding receiving email from TU would be to add TU email addresses to your contacts list. You can create an email contact named Trout Unlimited and add some of your common 'from' address. For instance;

  • trout@tu.org
  • jyates@tu.org