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Now that you have visited the website and would like to create a Chapter and/or Council site, please take a look at the information below to help guide you through the site building process. These micro-sites are connected to the TU community and are fully hosted by TU.


First Steps

Watch the Getting Started Video An Introduction to TU's new Website for a quick guide through the new site with setting up your own user profile.

Update your Individual User Profile to begin using the new, simply login to your User Account and complete the profile information about yourself. This individual user account allows you to join and follow various groups within TU in addition to your chapter and council groups. It is important that your user account synchronizes with your membership record. The key to this sync is your email address. You should use the same email address on your user account as you do for your membership record. This is especially true if you are a volunteer leader and need access to the Leaders Only Section - LOS.

You may have an existing user account. To check, try logging in with tu+membership number. For example tu123456789.

New Password If you're not sure you have an account, check here Request New Password

New User If you need to set up a User Account, visit the Register Page. We ask that you encourage your Chapter’s membership to set up individual user accounts profiles. This also adds to the conversation and builds the community of Trout Unlimited.

Unique Email Address

Each User Account on the requires an unique email address to login and for member identification. Improved security features will no longer allow shared email addresses. Check with your email provider for information on email aliases.

An unique Email address is also required for the Leaders Only Section (LOS) on All volunteer leaders must update their User Account by 9/23/13 in order to maintain access to the LOS tools. Please login to your User Account or create a New User Account on the new TU site. Take a moment to tell us about yourself and join the conversation.

Group Pages

Joining Chapter and Special Interests Groups allows you to add content, comment on other member’s posting, and participate in the online community of these groups. You can still post content as an individual. However, joining a group lets you do more. Each chapter and council are represented by a group page but there are also many groups that represent interests. There are fly tying groups, home river groups, conservation groups, photography, projects and so on. Notice that group pages are represented by their chapter number as in Maryland - 167. A member can even create their own group and ask like-minded members to join it. Members can also link to stream reports, fishing reports, weather stations, stream gauges and so forth ultimately building personalized TU resource.

Here is how you join a group when you find one you like in the TU Groups section

Join a group.jpg

When you join a group, you can add content to the group page. Visitors to the group can find out about events, projects and meetings from the content you and other group members add. Be sure to map and tag your content which also helps to share about group events.

Group Thumbnail Image

Send an image to to be used as the thumbnail image for your group page. The image should highlight the flavor or brand of your group.

Here are some group pages for you to see how they look and the content that has been posted.

TU Chapter Sites

Trout Unlimited offers a microsite for Chapters and Councils that is a subdomain of the main TU site. This site is fully hosted by TU and is maintained by the Chapter’s volunteer leaders. Here are some examples of Chapter Sites that are using the tool to share their story.

Gathering Content for Chapter Sites

When a chapter is ready to move forward with their own TU Chapter or Council site, it's time to gather content. Taking the time to gather content will allow you to start using the tools in your new Chapter Site following your introduction webinar. We have some pages that will help understand the different types of content you can use.

Chapter Site Admin Roles

Each Chapter Site is managed by volunteer leaders that have the role of Site Admin or Site Content Editor.

The Chapter Site Admin can change the appearance of the Chapter Site and edit the home page slides. They can also add content like post blogs, events, photos, discussions, and so forth. This is the Site Administration link in the Administration Links box.

The Chapter Site Editor can add content like post blogs, events, photos, and discussions. However, the Chapter Site Editor cannot change the site appearance and homepage slides. The Chapter Site Editor does not have access to the Site Administration link.

Each chapter and have as many or as few managers for their Chapter Site. And remember, a Chapter Site manager can choose to broadcast news and updates from the Chapter Site to the Group Page on, and to any other group that the manager joins. For example, you can post a blog in your chapter site and then share this content with all the chapters and the state council group page on This content will flow to the main TU site to show all the good your chapter is doing while it helps the other chapters by providing content on their group page.

When you have decided on the members that will hold these roles, contact Doug Agee at with the User Profile name of each member. The user's profile will be edited to include the assigned role by a National Web Team member.

Admin Links.png

Chapter Site Tools Webinar

Once your Chapter has appointed the Chapter Site managers and gathered the getting started content, it’s time to contact Doug Agee at and let him know that you are ready for your new Chapter Site orientation and training Webinar. The webinar provides the Chapter Site managers an orientation with user tips and information on adding content. These seminars are offered several times per week and last about 90 minutes. Please feel free to request another time if these suggested times don't work for you and your team.

Day Pacific Mountain Central Eastern
Tuesday 4 PM 5 PM 6 PM 7 PM
Wednesday 8 AM 9 AM 10 AM 11 AM
Thursday 8 AM 9 AM 10 AM 11 AM

The webinars are held on This is a conference call with web presentation on the tools. So, we will be both calling into 866-740-1260 and logging in at for the webinar. You will receive an invitation with access code by email once the webinar time has be set. You can test your computer for compatibility prior to the meeting with the ReadyTalk compatibility test.

Adding Content Preview

Once you have set up a time for the Chapter Site Tools Webinar, you should take a look at the Adding Content page.