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Adding a blog post is an easy way to get information out to your members and share all the great things you are doing in your community.

To begin, login to, go to the About tab and then click on "add blog post".

Create Blog Post 1.png

The next step is to fill in the fields of your blog post

  • (1) Title of course.
  • (2) Image that will serve as the tile image in the site. Try not to leave this blank.
  • (3) Excerpt that will be like the short description you see on an internet search.
  • (4) Body content. Be sure to add as plain text and edit in this field.

Create Blog Post 2.png

And finally, you can use the Map It and Tag It feature to show the location. Move the map and click on the location where you what the "map marker" to show up. Be carful, everyone will know your spot.

You can also tag it buy entering descriptive words that help members find your blog when searching. Think about how your readers will look for your content.

Create Blog Post 3.png

Be sure to save it. That's it, you have a blog post.